About me

A professional trainer of fitness and recreation( Master's degree from the faculty of Kinesiology in Split) with many years of experience in the world of sports, as well as a former CrossFit competitor. Training under my supervision entails a new dimension to training as I take a completely different approach from training recreational amateurs, rehabilitation training up to experienced athletes. My training style is a combination of old-school bodybuilding and CrossFit and new functional training methods (functional bodybuilding and HIIB).
I also train groups with a variety of exercises (metabolic-functional, pump, gluteus, legs) and of course, CrossFit done in my own style.
Group training and private training is conducte in Guliver Energy, Solin (fitness center), as well as Warehouse Split and outdoor workout. By constantly doing tests (diagnostics) we will be able to monitor your transformation towards your goal. I will provide you with constant support, motivation and bring your exercise execution form to perfection and provide your body and soul with quality healthcare.
Become and remain healthy, strong and lean!


Marko Čotić

Individual training, group training, functional bodybuilding, crossfit

Adresa 1: Guliver Energija Ulica Bilice II 53P
Adresa 2: ASK(Atletski sportski klub) Ulica Hrvatske Mornarice 10
Mob. 098 177 68 05
E-mail: [email protected]