About us

Welcome to MyTime hair & beauty. a spacious and newly furbished salon, where our main task is to create a pleasant and friendly setting during your care treatment and hairdressing service. We believe that hairdressing is an art and a calling, and not just a job - and through this philosophy we have guided MyTime hair & beauty. We want this salon to be a place where woman and men can come to relax and leave their hair in the professional care of our professional hands. MyTime is led by the watchful eye of the owner Tea, who herself is a Master hairstylist and after having spent 13 years in the business has decided to open this salon with her mother. As she says herself, hairdressing is in her blood as she has been surrounded by the world of beauty and hairstyles since she was a kid. She uses L'Oreal products for hair care and helps her clients express their personality through their haircuts. Come to MyTime hair & beauty and spend some time on yourself, your looks and your spirit!


My time hair & nails

male and female haircuts - festive hairstyle - blow-drying - balayage - highlights - haircare - numerous treatments with L'Oreal products

Neighborhood: Žnjan/Pazdigrad

Adresa: Vinogradska 72, Split
Mob. 091 613 07 74
E-mail: [email protected]