About us

Matija hair salon offers full care for your hair. In this salon everyone feels just like at home and leaves with a smile on their face. We boast 35 years of experience and skill and 2 generations of a family business. Our salon is the place where we try to offer our clients the best possible service as we create unique and attractive hairstyles and rich colors using top-notch quality products like Loreal Matrix and Subrina professional. A pleasant setting, reasonable prices, nice location and friendly staff are just some of the reasons why we have been in business for so long.


Frizerski studio Matija

male and female haircuts - dyeing - blow-drying - festive hairstyle - highlights - highlights on cap - perms - steam pod

Neighborhood: Blatine

Address: Poljička cesta 25, Split
Tel. 021 370 187
E-mail: [email protected]