About us

Marina Style is a hair studio that has been styling male and female haircuts since 2009. Marina style is a combination of pure energy and harmony between the shape and color of hair. Our goal is to make every client (both present and future) satisfied, by meeting their requests and with our suggestions and knowledge to make their decision the best possible one. We pay special attention to details and having a personalized approach and professionalism, as well as implementing innovations in our wide range of services. We want all of our clients to feel welcome and relax as they leave their hair in our professional care, so that they may leave the salon happy and content as they have for so many years. The road to having great hair is not hard - come to Marina Style and see for yourself.


Frizerski studio Marina Style

male and female haircuts - blow-drying - dyeing - highlights - festive hairstyle - haircare treatment - all types of hairdressing services

Neighborhood: Gripe

Adress: Barakovićeva 29
Mob. 091 200 16 27  
E-mail: [email protected]