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A quick story about the name Leekarija.
Leekarija, came about due to the love of our hometown of Split and shaving.

The head barber and founder of the barbershop was training karate for years. He has always been inspired by Bruce Lee. It is because of the love for this martial arts icon that he got the nickname Domo Lee, a name that would follow him throughout his life and would serve the head barber Domagoj as an alter ego.

The "LEE" in LEEkarija, get it? Good, now that we have the pronunciation down, let's cover the true meaning of the name next.
Prvi barberi su osim alata za brijanje, imali i onaj doktorski. S pomorcima bi plovili i brinuli o njihovoj kosi i bradi, a u iznimnim situacijama morali su biti kirurzi i stomatolozi.
Other than the love for Bruce Lee, his hometown of Split left a trace in the name of the barbershop. Every Splitizen, and yourself now, knows that the local word for doctor is "likar", and "likarija" a local word for medicine or cure; something that heals the soul.
Split got its "leekarija" - a place where all men have a chance to escape the clutches of everyday life, a place that accepts all human inequalities.

It is here that we invite you to come and get healed. We will patch up your beard, vaccinate you against bad haircuts and disinfect your "wounds" with good whiskey.

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Working hours: 
Tuesday 10-19
Wednesday 10-19
Thursday 10-19
Friday 10-19
Saturday 10-16
Sunday: closed
Monday: closed
Holidays: closed

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Leekarija Barbershop

Klasično šišanje – moderno šišanje – trimanje brade – brijanje – vrući ručnici – pranje – masaža glave

Neighborhood: Sućidar

Address: Drage Ivaniševića 39
Mob. 097 660 70 17
E-mail: [email protected]
Web: http://leekarijabarbershop.com/