About us

An unusual beginning of the extraordinary Paul Mitchell team educator.
Initially a student of health studies of the faculty of Physiotherapy, he obtained an overqualification in Sarajevo on the hairdressing academy in 2005. Since then, a love and passion for hairdressing, hairdressing techniques and a desire to make his clients more beautiful emerged. After having completed the academy, he continues his career by further educating himself both in Croatia and abroad. He is also the owner of Hair Couture that is found on the address Poljička cesta 9, Split. The pivotal part of his career have been educational workshops and his goal is to provide clients with a top-notch service, especially in today's time when everyone is sensitive about their looks.
He took part in many projects, fashion shooting and editorials and he believes that further investment in oneself, one's knowledge and skills, as well as investing in your team's knowledge is the foundation for a quality work and service. 
"It's not a leg...It'll grow back.."


Keko frizerski studio

Paul Mitchell educator -hair extensions - male and female haircuts - dyeing - haircare treatment - different coloration techniques - balayage - festive hairstyle - blow-drying - consultations

Neighborhood: Blatine

Adresa: Poljička 9, Split
Mob. 092 101 17 40
E-mail: [email protected]