About us

"A hair dresser is an artist whose artwork is on permanent display" - a quote that has inspired us and guides us in our business. Studio IN has been taking care of male and female hair for the last 8 years, and this year we have adapted a new appearance with a complete renovation. We work with many famous Croatian stars that often visit Studio IN before their shows. This is like wind in our sails and we are greatly flattered. We take part in many seminars and educational workshops and we do our best to familiarize ourselves with the latest trends. We want to provide our clients with the best possible treatment, make their vision and wishes of desired hair and nails come true. We want our stars to come to the stage in their most glamourous style and enrich our own experience in regards to hairdressing and foot and hand care. Our professional and merry staff is always here for you - with the skills, knowledge and experience we will be able to achieve the best results while adapting to your wishes. In order to produce these results we use high-quality brands Keune for hair and Jana Nails for your nails. We are located in a great spot (near to Firule hospital) where we are easily accessible to everyone. We are waiting for you, your Studio IN!


Studio In

Hairdressing services male and female haircuts - dyeing - all types of highlights - balayage - flamboyage - blow-drying - haircare

Hand and foot care: permanent nailpolish (hands and feet)

Neighborhood: Blatine

Address: Poljička cesta 6, Split
Mob. 091 768 84 70
E-mail: [email protected]