About us

The great writer Čehov once said: "Everything should be first-rate in a person, his face, clothes, soul and thoughts." Your thoughts beautify the people in your life, and making sure that you look good is Salon Gelo. High level skills take years of practice to master, but an artist's touch is something you are born with. In our salon, we provide a personalized service, taking into account the latest trends as well as your wishes and personal preferences. The end product is specific to the particular hair in question and the personality of each of our clients. We are fully aware that good looks are a combination of style, enhanced by our natural beauty with traces of personality and our naturality. Our staff has had extensive training and schooling so that we can stay on the very top of the market and follow the latest trends. We keep improving and educating ourselves and our consistency is well recognized by our clients. Who leave the salon satisfied, and our greatest reward is seeing them come back. We work with many famous Croats that also promote our work on many occasions. By using a mixture of high quality products (L'Oreal and Well), an easy-going ambiance and highly qualified staff, we manage to provide the best possible service to our clients and the result of this is manifested through uniqueness, a personalized approach and followed by impeccable results.


Salon Gelo

dyeing - highlights - festive hairstyle - male haircuts - female haircuts - blow-drying - extensions

Neighborhood: Gripe – Bol

Address: Vukovarska 55, Split
Tel: 021 745 798
E-mail: [email protected]