About us

Great hairstyle is no accident. Gorgeous hairstyle is a result of effort, commitment and constant education of your hairdresser and their team and precisely this is the philosophy that guides Salon Jelena1. By working with world renowned products L'Oreal Professional and Matrix for years, we are able to guarantee only the best services, high quality products and astonishing results. We take care of the beauty and health of your hair as we believe that what makes hair look great is the fact that it is well taken care of and well maintained. With many years of experience and constantly furthering our knowledge and skills we have developed the ability to visualize a perfect hairstyle for you as soon as you enter our salon - a hairstyle that will suit your physiognomy and your face. Leave your hair in the hands of professionals that do not consider this just their jobs, but much more than that: passion, love, pleasure!


Frizerski studio Jelena1

L'Oreal Professional and Matrix products treatment - balayage - flamboyage - highlights - dyeing - haircuts - festive hairstyle - haircare treatment

Neighborhood: Split 3

Address: Getaldićeva 18, Split
Tel. 021468233
E-mail: [email protected]