About us

"Invest in your hair - this is the crown that you never take off" is the quote that describes the way we think in our Aldiley hair & beauty salon. This salon offers you absolutely everything that you may need in one place: from haircare treatment, on which we place special emphasis , up to individual consultation in regards to the look, shape and maintenance of the freshness of your hair. Aldiley hair & beauty is also proud to say that it offers the service of keratin hair straightening - one of the most sought after hair treatments in the last few years by the members of the more beautiful gender who want to straighten their hair, give it a sense of smoothness and bring it back the glow and freshness. In our work we use CocoChoco keratin, L'Oreal professional, especially L'Oreal Inoa color without ammoniac that is good for sensitive scalps and Nashi Argan, and in doing so we guarantee quality and top-notch service for all of our clients. At the same time, in Aldiley hair & beauty you can also buy professional products of the above mentioned brands: bring joy to your loved ones, and to yourself with a quality gift!

Aldiley hair & beauty also offers professional make up services for all occasions and nail care services. After a haircut, jump into a seat where our educated staff will make you look even better for that special event. Our make-up artists will emphasize your natural beauty, while the shape and color of your nails will be done to your liking.

All that you need in one place - that is what Aldiley hair & beauty is all about!


Aldiley hair & beauty

Hairdressing services all hairdressing services - mail and female haircuts - blow-drying - keratin hair flattening – klasični pramenovi – balayage pramenovi – bojanje – njega kose – oblikovanje brade

Hand and foot care: manicure - pedicure - permanent polish - gel nails

Make up: dnevni i večerni look – šminkanje za sve prigode

Neighborhood: Kocunar

Adresa:Domovinskog rata 104/a (pored Clo bar; parking osiguran), Split
Mob. 095 353 97 39
Tel. 021 236 861
E-mail: [email protected]